Friday, November 12, 2010

Card Making...Time To Experiment!

This is one of the most popular seasons for card making and the time to create is now, if you are looking to meet holiday deadlines.  There are a variety of approaches that can be taken to complete your mini-masterpieces in very little time (or more if you have it to spare!)

Image courtesy of: Jennifer Roach

Old is New! 
Do you have leftover colour test papers or old drawings, paintings, or sketchbook pages that didn't quite turn out?  Find new compositions by cropping these down to card-sized pieces and  mount them onto blank greeting cards.

Image courtesy of: Alison Innes
"I used to make my cards using paper collage but I have recently moved to making my cards digitally. I print the front of the card on glossy photo paper and cut the card itself from cardstock. I also make a coordinating paper insert. I assemble all the cards by hand and make a limited number of each design."

Collage Techniques
Try your hands at collage, playing around with colour and patterns.  Consider incorporting decorative papers or paint.  Remember, these don't have to turn into high realism images!  But if you are looking to add collaged images, try simpler images like stars or silhouettes of trees, houses or birds, for example
Image courtesy of:  Anne Smyth

Inkjet Printing
Print out some of your favourite images.  Enhance your prints with words, and designs using specialty pens and markers, iridescent and metallic paint, or decorative papers.  A bit of hands-on embellishment adds a personal touch and turns each print into a unique work of art. 
Hint: Printing on matte finish papers may allow for greater options with the types of mediums you choose for enhancement.

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As something a little different, you might find this video helpful :)  Hmmmmm....I'm thinking this card could maybe use a bit of something extra like 24k Gold Leaf?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does your colour palette change as the seasons change?

According to we've moved past the peak of vibrant leaf colour changes, though you will still catch the odd tree showing off it's fiery yellow/orange/red leaves. 

If you are a landscape painter, your colour palette may change and reflect the seasons as we move through them, but do those artists who choose to work with other subject matters or styles of painting also experience changes in their own colour selection?

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